Wedding Vendor Marketing Automation

Imagine all of your marketing and communications need in one place!

You spoke! We listened!

Website here!

Text messages there!

Facebook messages!

Phone messages!

Wedding Show Leads!

Facebook Ads!


Email replies somewhere else!

Now Google messaging.... what?

Now all of that can be managed from one place......


They say about our Product

We started working with Perfect Wedding Guide when we first opened our shop in 2015. Their Bridal Shows have been a great avenue to meet not only the Brides, but the Mothers of the Bride and Groom, and their Bridal Party.

The Bridal Show has given us the opportunity to connect one on one with the Bride in a fun setting and that has resulted in a significant number of appointments after the show.

We’ve loved working with Jaime and her team as they continue to bring us exciting new ideas to connect with Brides and their Bridal Party.

Juliana Stewart

Mia Grace Bridal

Perfect Wedding Guide was the very first place that I placed an ad (in the magazine + online).

It was May 2013. In fact, as I was contemplating starting my business, PWG sat with me multiple times for advice + encouragement.

They have been with me + supported my business ever since.

They would post + tag on social which felt even more personal; that they truly wanted my business to succeed.

Their wedding shows + networking events are always well attended.

I have participated in multiple shows since then. I had great conversations with not only couples but also vendors.

Connecting with both, as you know as a business owner is so imperative to the success of your business.

It is so refreshing to feel like I am not only contributing to another family's success but also that that family is cheering me on equally!

Ashlee Erlinger

Sign Sealed Delivered Events


How will this save me time?

Imagine how much time you’ll save by not chasing around messages from various platforms. Our system consolidates emails, texts, Instagram, and Facebook messages into one simple system, saving you time and simplifying your to-do list while improving your response time and reducing missed messages.

Will this help me to book more business?

We live in a world of instant gratification. The faster you respond to a prospective couple, the more likely they are to book you. By having one inbox to check you’ll be able to respond faster and with simplicity.

How can this help me manage the clients I already have?

Funneling all of your messages to one platform gives you the power of seeing all communication with your client on one organized screen. Forget wondering if you’re missing a message and then searching your emails, text, and messenger to see where it was. With this platform, you’ll be able to see all communications with your client in one place.

I have leads, but don’t have time to follow up. Will this help?

Absolutely! Not only can you manage your prospecting communication like email marketing and text messages, you can also use this platform to create funnels. Couples can even schedule appointments with you based upon your availability right through your PWG account.

Why should I use this system?

We know you need to keep your calendar filled year after year. In order to do so, you must consistently be in front of newly engaged couples. Our system was created to connect with prospects consistently with automation so that you can focus your time and energy on the clients you already have.

Why Perfect Wedding Guide?

Perfect Wedding Guide has been a leader in the industry for 30 years and we know that consistency is crucial. It is literally our business to understand the wedding industry and the patterns of engaged couples. This system has been designed to help you, the wedding professional, to accomplish more with less time.

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